Our Call

Circle of Angelic Realms

Messages of Healing for Self-Empowerment and
Human Collective Consciousness

Currently, we are in the middle of critical and destabilizing times. Some may say we are in the era of End of Times or entering into the next cycle of The Great Turning.  Mikha'el, also known in the West as the Archangel Michael, has incarnated as human in this particular vessel to help give energetic support to the planet, bring messages, and bear witness in this time of crisis.  Mikha'el and a Conference of Greater Beings are currently focused on Earth and humanity to help bring healing and right-relationship within humanity itself and with the planet as a whole.

Our circle came together, in October of 2018, through a series of synchronistic events and a deep listening to our inner calling.  We are currently a group of six cisgendered and racially diverse women with a wide range of lived experiences ranging from corporate careers, spiritual leadership and mentorship, IT and software development, and academic work, as well as living with profound spiritual experiences.  

The vessel, herself, identifies as a Black American, who went through a series of life-altering spiritual emergencies over the past decade. In 2010, Mikha’el, as the Archangel Michael, made himself known to her and told her that she is his vessel. But it has only been within the past few years that she has been able to fully embody this role. She has also been directly called to the Feminine Divine and views Sekhmet as her principle Goddess. Her acceptance of her role and her truth has been constantly challenging, and yet she hopes that by doing her work she can help lead others to their own truth and healing. 

As a circle, we initially operated as support for the vessel’s integration and calibration so that she could support the fuller embodiment of the Archangel Michael. He soon told us that he preferred to be called Mikha’el and asked that we create public events so that he could share messages with lightworkers who have incarnated for these times.Other Greater Beings--a term he prefers to “deities”--can also become embodied in his vessel to share messages with their followers and the greater world with his permission. It took us over a year to establish procedures for ritual and protection, as well as for the vessel to be in enough acceptance of her role in order to do public events.

Messaging events are those where Mikha’el  or one of his aspects becomes emergent in his human vessel and speaks directly to and engages with his audience.  Embodiment events are those where Mikha’el allows other Greater Beings (such as Sekhmet, Isis, Gaia, Durga Maa, Lord Ganesha, Christ Consciousness, Thoth and others)* to be embodied in his vessel, so that they can directly speak their messages to their people and answer questions. 

Part of Mikha’el’s reason for manifesting through his vessel is to help prepare the way for a convergence of events which will result in the Feminine Divine manifestation here on the planet, and to rectify the current imbalance of masculine and feminine energies.This preparation includes healings of specific places on the planet as well as these public events, both of which are considered sacred healing. For the public events, we perform opening and closing rituals with clear intentions for healing, information shared, and adherence to permission levels within the audience for each event. Mikha’el strongly encourages questions and interactions from the audience as they are important.

Our group is dedicated to supporting Mikha'el in his task of messaging and witnessing, and of preparing and healing the planet, with her permission, which in turn will facilitate healing for all. 

* The events of messaging and embodiment are sacred.  As a group, we lay no claim to specific indigenous, spiritual, or cultural practices. We acknowledge and respect others in their relationship with the Divine.